Bristol University guarantor service Launch

Housing Hand launch University of Bristol guarantor service

23 November 2017

Housing Hand, the UK rent guarantor service are happy to announce that we have teamed up with the University of Bristol and the Bristol Students Union to help UK and international students secure properties in Bristol and the surrounding area. Read on to find out the meaning of a guarantor, who can be a guarantor and information on the partnership.

What does guarantor mean?

If you are unsure of the meaning of a guarantor but are looking to rent in the UK, you will likely need to know very soon.

Simply put, a rent guarantor is someone who signs a guarantor form to agree they will pay the rent if you cannot. For more information on the definition of a guarantor or who can be a guarantor, follow the links or check out our help centre.

Why have Housing Hand partnered with University of Bristol?

We have been working with the University of Bristol and the Bristol Students Union for many years now and they have seen first hand how we help thousands of students find and secure the property they want to rent.

Renting in Bristol is already competitive enough. Adding the issue of not having a qualifying guarantor is an unnecessary extra worry. Working together with the University of Bristol has meant we can provide any Bristol students that apply with a fast and secure way to secure their property with a rent guarantor. Bristol University students can either pay over 8 monthly instalments of £30 or a flat fee of £225.

Not only can Bristol students benefit from the Bristol University guarantor service, but so can Bristol University staff!

How to apply to the Bristol University guarantor scheme.

If you are a University of Bristol student you simply need to apply online and select Bristol University and the discount will be applied. If you are a Bristol University member of staff, please make an application as a working professional and use the following link

Still looking for rented property in Bristol?

If you are looking to rent in Bristol and need a guarantor, why not try our Free House Finder Service. Even if you do not need a guarantor, the service can help you secure your accommodation in Bristol by matching you up with the letting agents and landlords who have properties that match your requirements. It only takes a minute to fill in and could save you time searching each different agency.

Alternatively, you can register for free with the Bristol SU lettings agency for details of properties to rent at

See the University of Bristol accommodation office website for further information about finding private rented accommodation in Bristol.

If you have any questions, please contact Housing Hand on 0207 205 2625.