Discrimination against European tenants renting in the UK

Discrimination against European tenants renting in the UK

4 October 2017

The findings for EU tenants renting in the UK

According to the EU citizens’ rights campaign group, European working professionals and international students looking to rent in the UK have found it difficult to secure rental accommodation and they have seen some rental properties advertised have specified that they will only accept UK citizens or have outlined different terms for EU nationals.

The Guardian reports that the government equalities office is examining growing evidence that EU nationals in the UK are being illegally prevented from renting or buying properties as well as further evidence of discrimination against internationals getting jobs and booking holidays.

Confusion over Brexit is cause for discrimination against European’s renting in the UK

Jeremy Robinson, Managing Director of Housing Hand comments: “Brexit has caused much confusion in the rental property industry, with many landlords and letting agents deeply unsure of the new requirements to rent to foreign individuals, which is leading them to turn away non UK passport holders.

“The Government’s introduction of Right to Rent has led to landlords and agents discriminating between applicants on the basis of their background, with some prepared to turn away tenants, just because they have a foreign accent. Legitimate tenants who cannot easily identify themselves using a British or EU passport are finding it harder to secure somewhere to live.

“Landlords and agents face a dilemma.  They want to be fair to prospective tenants, but many are nervous of renting a property to a tenant who does not have a ‘right to rent’.  It is understandable why some landlords and agents are turning down international tenants, before any checks are made and are concentrating on tenants that will be able to provide a UK guarantor."

How Housing Hand can help European tenants and concerned landlords

Jeremy continued to say “However, we mitigate all the risks for agents and landlords by becoming the potential tenant’s UK guarantor.  We provide tenants who have failed a credit check with guarantor liability insurance policy.  This ensures that the rent payments are paid in the event of the tenant defaulting on the rent. Landlords and agents who are partnered with us have been able to increase occupancy, due to a larger pool of applicants that can now qualify and they have been able to eliminate the risk of rent loss, due to tenant default, at no cost to them.

“Currently, we stand as guarantor for tenants from 141 countries and have had over 50,000 happy applicants. We help international students, graduating university students, professional school students entering the workforce, employed UK nationals and non-UK nationals, self-employed persons and UK students with responsible parties to secure rental accommodation.”

The Guardian reports that the equalities minister, Nick Gibb, responded to the evidence of over 24 cases of job and housing adverts discriminating against internationals saying that “[the office] is aware of, and is looking into [reports of rising discrimination]”.

Contact Housing Hand for advice

If you are a European looking to rent in the UK but are struggling to secure your rental accommodation, you may require a UK guarantor. This is where Housing Hand can help. Get a free quote for our UK guarantor service or give us a call on +44(0)207 205 2625.

Equally, if you are a landlord letting agent or accommodation provider who is confused about how Brexit and the Right to Rent affect your property and your tenants, give us a call and we’d be happy to discuss the implications and how Housing Hand can help.