student moving checklist

New student moving checklist

3 May 2017

Congratulations! You are about to enter the new and exciting world of university and now need to move out of your parents house.
This marks the beginning of a new chapter in your life as a student. Whether you are coming from abroad or a city nearby, you will have to prepare for moving in. But don't worry, Housing Hand are here to help!
Below we have created a quick new student moving checklist to help you crash in your new place in the best conditions:

First things first, bring your basics:

Your main personal belongings: clothes, shoes, accessories   
For your bathroom: bath and hand towels, shower gel, toothbrush and tooth paste, shampoo and hair products, toilet paper (it always runs out!), razors, shaving cream, cosmetics, make up, hair dryer
For all those early nights: bed linen, pillows, for hygienic purposes a mattress cover
For all that cleaning you're definitely going to do - washing detergent, dishwashing soap, surface cleaner etc.

Then, think about some practical things:

For the kitchen - find out what is provided if you are going into a self catering flat. If you are starting from scratch you will need: a frying pan, a sauce pan, sieve or colander, knives / cooking utensils, chopping board, cutlery, dishes, glasses, mugs.
Other useful kitchen items (if your budget stretches) could be: tupperware, a toaster, a kettle, a microwave.   
Important documents: ID, driving licence, bank account details, insurance, doctors details, tenancy agreement, inventory, utility contracts...

The things you need to study:

laptop and charger, phone and charger, multiple plug adapter, (international plug for students from abroad) textbooks, notepads, pens, pencils, folders, documents.

Consider some non-practical things:

Some non-essential fun items for making friends - a pack of cards or other games, fancy dress, football / frisbee or other outdoor games.
A great bit of Housing Hand advice is if you are sharing your property, it may be wise to discuss with your flatmate(s) and agree on what each of you will bring to avoid ending up with the same items several times.
Remember to consider your moving arrangements! How are you getting there? Are you going to drive? Are you getting public transport? Do you need to rent a car or hire a removal company? Housing Hand advise that it is worth assessing what is the best option for you and therefore how much stuff you can bring!


Last but by no means least, remember the things to really make you feel at home:

Decoration and accessories - family photos and home comforts
Internet provider
TV licence and TV

Well, now you should be ready to move in. Good luck!
Do you have more tips for moving into a student flat/house? Comment below to share your ideas!