Housing Hand guarantor scheme is based on a simple concept, potential tenants who otherwise can't find a UK guarantor can, providing they pass our application process, purchase our guarantor service. We work with the follow applicants:

  • International Students 
  • Graduating University Students 
  • Professional school students entering the workforce
  • Employed non-UK residents; 
  • Self-employed persons
  • UK students with Responsible Parties

Ultimately, chosing to work with Housing Hand when a tenant needs a guarantor is safer than a parent or guardian guarantor. We have four years of proven payments for any rent arrears inlcuding joint liability. It is unlikely you will find any family guarantors that are as secure and reliable as that!

Sign up for free or find out more of the advantages of working in partnership with our guarantor service below:


No Rent Loss

Eliminates the risk of rent loss due to renter default - at no cost to the landlord or Letting Agent.

Increased Occupancy

Increases your occupancies due to larger pool of creditworthy applicants.

Streamlined Rental Process

Streamlines and facilitates the entire rental process between the renter and the landlord in circumstances where international students struggle with the language barrier and the UK’s unique rental system.


Guarantees the full rent obligation under the Tenancy Agreement.

Resolve Disputes

Mediate any disputes and ensure they are resolved quickly.

Find New Tenants

Find replacement tenants (through the House Finder Service) should tenants drop out during the length of the tenancy agreement meaning vacant rooms are quickly filled.


Register as a Housing Hand partner today to begin receiving high quality leads that already have a UK Guarantor.

Letting agents

Instead of turning away potential tenants who don’t want to pay considerable amounts of rent up front, we can now become their guarantor.

Letting Agents


We partner with Universities around the UK to ensure Housing Hand is delivering a trusted and respected service to students.