Letting Agents

The Housing Hand Guarantee process works because it is simple. All perspective tenants fill in our quick application form, and we will give them a decision in minutes if they qualify. 

Once Housing Hand receives the application, your clients can often qualify for a guarantee typically within minutes, excluding weekends and holidays. Your client will then receive a Certificate of Rental Guarantor that can be shown to prospective landlords during the property search. Full approval and issuance of the Rent Guarantee is subject to verification of application information and reference checks.

When it's time for your clients who have qualified to sign a tenancy agreement, they pay Housing Hand a one-time fee. Upon receipt of the fee, we are able to return a signed Guarantor form.

Although landlords still need to evaluate multiple risks associated with each renter, the Housing Hand Rent Guarantee eliminates the risk of rent loss. Instead of chasing after many different individual guarantors, landlords will have the security of dealing with a single, trusted UK company.


Increased Financial Security

Letting Agents who accept the Housing Hand Guarantor scheme can benefit from increased financial security and rental occupancy. The scheme also enables Letting Agents to close more leases by using the Housing Hand Guarantor scheme to ensure more prospective tenants are able to rent and place holding deposits.

More Tenants

Never turn away potential tenants because they do not have a UK guarantor, or lose customers to your competitors. You will no longer need to put off potential tenants by requesting multiple months rent in advance. 

Eliminate Time Wasting

Spend more of your time showing a greater selection of properties to a larger pool of qualified renters, rather than helping clients who in the end are unable to rent as they cannot provide a UK guarantor or fail a tenant referencing check.

Streamlined Rental Process

Accelerate and streamline the rental process for individuals, especially those who are not UK citizens and who are relocating from abroad.


We check each international student tenant, ensuring they are registered at university and have the visa to study in the UK. We also sign a legal contract with their parents to ensure that they act as guarantor for us should the tenant default on payment. 

Become a Member

By becoming a member to The Guarantor Scheme, you will be eligible for our International housing service. This provides you with a wide range of benefits, including providing you access to thousands of perspective tenants as part of our relationship with UK universities. 


Register as a Housing Hand partner today to begin receiving high quality leads that already have a UK Guarantor.


We partner with Universities around the UK to ensure Housing Hand is delivering a trusted and respected service to students.



In addition, rent loss is eliminated, and the rental process is streamlined for you, prospective tenants, and letting agents, all at no cost to you.