Renting in the private sector can be a challenging time and one of the biggest financial strain for students. Whether they are international or from the UK, we are here to support students who cannot secure housing, or afford to pay in advance because they do not have an eligible UK rent guarantor.

We work with universities across the UK, normally with the accommodation team, international office, student union or welfare team, who refer students to us.  We can also help you to set up an in house guarantor service or provide a blanket cover for university owned accommodation. For more information on how we can work with your university, higher education institution or students union, take a look at how we set up the Bristol University Guarantor Service

We currently work with over 100 universities who are looking for ways to provide more support and a better service for students navigating the lettings market.

We are still the only company to offer a fully comprehensive guarantor service available to all students and working professionals. We adhere to OFT and EU legislative guidelines, never take a blanket approach, put student at heart of our service, and provide support where required if they cannot afford their rent.


Register as a Housing Hand partner today to begin receiving high quality leads that already have a UK Guarantor.

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Instead of turning away potential tenants who don’t want to pay considerable amounts of rent up front, we can now become their guarantor.

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In addition, rent loss is eliminated, and the rental process is streamlined for you, prospective tenants, and letting agents, all at no cost to you.