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Am I eligible ?

Am I eligible

  • Do I qualify for the guarantor service?

    Whether you are from the UK or from abroad, you can qualify for Housing Hand guarantor service on some conditions described below. The easiest way to see if you are eligible is to use our quick and free application form. Once you are accepted you will likely be asked to provide the following documents.

    If you are a student, you will be asked to provide:

    – proof of study in the UK
    – a photo ID
    – a National Insurance number (UK only)
    – cosigner’s details and documents

    If you are a working professional, you should provide:

    – a photo ID
    – proof of income, stating you earn at least 1.5 times the monthly rent (3 months of payslips, bank statements, a letter from your company)
    – a National Insurance number (UK only)
    – cosigner’s details and documents

    If still, you are unsure of whether you qualify it is worth filling in the quick and free application form. This will give you an answer instantly and a quote within minutes.

  • Who can apply for Housing Hand Rental Guarantor Service?

    Whether you are from the UK or from abroad, whether you are studying or working full time in the UK (including self-employed). You can apply for Housing Hand Guarantor Service (with certified proof of income).


  • Will I be eligible?

    The easiest way to find out if you are eligible is to make an application. It is completely free to do so and you will get a quote of our fee based on your renting details.

    We accept 99% of students and working professionals that can prove that they earn 1.5x the monthly rent.

    For students, proof of study can be any correspondence with your university such as an acceptance letter from or a student ID card.

    For working professionals, proof of income can be 3 months worth of bank statements or 3 monthly payslips. We can also accept weekly payslips if they cover a total of three months and if you have not started work yet, we can also accept a copy of your working contract.

    For example, if the monthly rent was £500, we would require the applicant to provide 3 months of payslips showing they earn at least £750 a month.

    Please see below the required documents for Students and for Working Professionals to be eligible.

    Student Required Documents

    Working Professional Required Documents

  • I am unemployed, can I apply to your guarantor service?

    Unfortunately, Housing Hand can not stand as your guarantor if you are unemployed and on DSS. However, we can take into account other income as long as you can provide evidence. Also, if it amounts to more than 1.5 times the monthly rent.

  • I am on benefits, am I eligible to your guarantor service?

    Housing Hand can stand as your guarantor while on benefits if you:

    – provide proof of any income including some forms of benefits (not DSS). Please speak to us about which forms of Government Assistance we can accept.
    – earn more than 1,5 times the monthly rent of the property you would like to rent.

  • Do you work with any housing association?

    No, Housing Hand does not work with any housing association, nor housing authority nor government housing.