Housing Hand University Guarantor Service

Housing Hand works closely with the majority of Universities and higher education institutions with the fundamental aim of helping students to secure the accommodation of their choice without the stress or financial struggle of paying all their rent in advance.

We achieve this by supporting various departments within the University from Accommodation, Student Welfare/Advice to the International offices and Student Union services. Housing Hand works in partnership with these departments to help inform UK and international students of their options and that there is a solution available to tackle their guarantor issues. 

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Read on to see the many benefits of working with Housing Hand and potentially setting up a University Guarantor Service or follow the link to read about how the application process works for students.

Benefits of your University working with Housing Hand

Safe, secure and financially insured Guarantor Service

Housing Hand is a well recognised, proven and trusted brand. We are an official corporate partner of CUBO. Universities that partner with us take on no financial risk. We take the financial risk and comply with the requirements of the FCA.  Housing Hand can be referenced as a guarantor with companies such as HomeLet, Lettings Hub, Rent4Sure etc.

Rental Arrears

We are insured to cover the full amount of rental arrears as well as damages/dilapidations and professional eviction costs.

We cover everyone!

All students from the UK and aboard can use the service, irrespective of whether they are undergraduate or postgraduate student at University. Therefore Housing Hand complies with EU discriminatory laws.

Tenancy Agreements

All tenancy agreements are checked for fairness and suitability by our dedicated team. We sign the accommodation providers guarantor deed and therefore are accepted by all and we accept tenancy agreements with Joint and Several Liability.

A dedicated partnerships manager

We assign all of our a Universities a dedicated partnerships manager who will work with you to answer any questions or discuss any concerns. They attend your Universities Housing fairs to advise students about the issues of renting in the private rental market.

From Students to Working Professionals

We help and advise all students before, during and after their tenancies. Housing Hand can extend the Guarantor service to students once they have graduated and are transitioning into the next phase of their professional life.

How Housing Hand can help you

At Housing Hand we offer a range of support and advice which we can tailor to your Universities’ needs, our partnerships are always free for the institution involved and vary purely on the level of support required. Outlined below are two examples of popular partnerships we currently provide:

Information partnerships

We support and provide relevant information about the issues relating to guarantors by supplying the Accommodation, International, Welfare and Student Union departments with information materials and brochures along with our expert advice.  With Housing Hand representatives attending University Housing Fairs across the UK to inform students directly about the guarantor issue. Our Marketing Team can also prepare content for your website advice pages, blogs and/or email campaigns.

This is the relationship that Housing Hand has with approximately 110 Higher Education Institutions.

University Guarantor Service

We have developed a service for Universities that want a genuine solution for both International and UK students who cannot provide a qualifying rent guarantor. We can create a bespoke service your University, this is essentially a white label product, where the University actively promotes the service to their students and Housing Hand provides integration, co-branded application pages with an affiliate link as well as marketing materials.

By partnering with Housing Hand and establishing a Guarantor Service ALL students applying from your University pay a reduced flat rate fee. We undertake all the administrative requirements and remove the need to set up a designated team or employ additional staff.

For more information about how to set up a guarantor service for your University, please email [email protected] and read about the “University of Bristol Guarantor Service in association with Housing Hand.”


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Letting Agents

Instead of turning away potential tenants who don’t want to pay considerable amounts of rent up front, we can now become their guarantor.

Letting Agents


In addition, rent loss is eliminated, and the rental process is streamlined for you, prospective tenants, and letting agents, all at no cost to you.