Secure your property with a Rent guarantor

Housing Hand - the leading UK guarantor service for students


Providing a UK rent guarantor is usually a requirement when renting in the UK. If for any reason are unable to provide a rent guarantor, Housing Hand UK Guarantor Service can help.  We are currently the guarantors for thousands of domestic and international students who are renting property in the UK. Students discounts apply, we accept 99% of student applications and it only takes minutes to get a free quote.


Whether you are an international student and can't find a UK resident or you are a domestic student with poor credit history, all students can be confident that Housing Hand can help as we do not run credit checks. Students simply need to provide photo ID for themselves and their cosigner, proof of study and proof of their cosigners address - whether in the UK or international. This can also be accepted in any language.  


Application is quick, easy and free and prices start from just £295 as a one off payment or £42 over 8 months. Our fee is calculated as a percentage of your monthly rent but students are entitled to a discount of up to 40%! Go to the application form below to get your own accurate quote.


Even better than that, students are entitled to a ‘money back’ rebate of up to 45% of your fee. Find out more below.