18th May 2017

Heard of us before, or just want to find out more about Housing Hand? Well here is all you need to know about the UK’s only secured and reliable guarantor service.

About Housing Hand – in the beginning…

Housing Hand was created when our founder, Jeremy Robinson, was at University. He saw that many of his friends weren’t able to secure accommodation. Not because they couldn’t afford it, but because they couldn’t provide a qualifying guarantor. He decided there was a demand in the rental market for a guarantor company. when a number of his friends were struggling to find accommodation due to failing to provide a qualifying guarantor.

The UK’s Leading Rent Guarantor Service

Today, Housing Hand provide the UK’s leading guarantor service for students and professionals both domestic and international, who may, for various reasons, fail to provide a qualifying UK guarantor. Without a suitable UK guarantor, tenants may be required to pay 6-12 months rent in advance to secure a rental property and even if they do so, they may still be required to provide a guarantor.

How Housing Hand Works

By using Housing Hand, tenants are able to qualify for the property they desire and pay their rent monthly or in instalments, just as a tenant with a guarantor would. Once a tenant contacts us or applies to use our Guarantor Service, we support them throughout the process until they sign the agreement and move in. Plus, should they default, Housing Hand will pay the rent on their behalf and set up a repayment plan to suit the tenant, saving them the stress and financial risk of taking out loans to cover the rental debt.

Applicants fill in a Housing Hand application form online which decides if they are eligible for our service and are given a free quote in minutes. Our fee is based on one month’s rent where students are entitled to a discount, so are only required to pay 60-95% of the one month’s rent.

The Award-Winning Rent Guarantor Service

As you can see from the picture, Housing Hand are very pleased to have won an award from The Negotiator for ‘Supplier of the Year 2016’. We are also pleased to say we have been shortlisted for ‘Supplier of the Year 2017’, demonstrating how we have maintained our high level of service. Not only that but we are also hoping to win an ESTAS award for our customer service. We view our high level of customer service as an incredibly important part of Housing Hand and are committed to responding to all feedback by continually improving the way we operate.

UK Guarantor Service – International Expansion

Housing Hand launched in February 2013. With just two directors and one employee a very humble beginning to a fantastic journey which has seen us grow in numbers, move our central office into the heart of London and we are expanding into Europe, Asia and the Far East.

As a company that is constantly growing, we are evolving and improving upon our service and the customer journey year upon year. New this year at Housing Hand is the option to allow applicants to pay their guarantor service fee in 8 monthly instalments, instead of an upfront fee. This was implemented in order to make it even easier for tenants to rent.

We accept 99% of students and the majority of working professionals. Once an applicant is accepted, they can upload documents via their unique login on our website.

Once this is complete we sort the rest of the application process, signing the accommodation providers guarantor agreements, which allows the tenant to secure their desired property and pay their rent monthly or in instalments.

PLUS, after 12 months students are entitled to a ‘money back’ rebate which increases year on year of using our guarantor service starting at 15% for the first year, 30% for the second year and 45% for the third year.

We work with the majority of private hall providers (CRM Students and Host Students etc.) as well as 1000’s of letting agents and tenant referencing companies (HomeLet etc.) in the UK. Each year we are growing the directory of accommodation providers we work with, widening the pool of properties available to applicants that previously struggled to find anywhere they qualified for.

Need more information? Why not ask us a question?

If you still don’t think you know enough about Housing Hand, why not send us a quick message? One of our team will be happy to help. Go to the contact form for general enquiries or go to the relevant Guarantor Service Partner to you. We have a specific department for Letting Agents, Landlords and Universities.