8th December 2016

I don’t know about you but Secret Santa is quite a Christmas tradition. So between all the Secret Santa’s (office, family, friends), you might get overwhelmed and end up giving a present that nobody will remember next year. So here at Housing Hand we came with a few interesting ideas to stop that from happening!

1. A drink holder to have a glass of Wine or Beer in your bath… Both practical and fun!

2. Used to get boring candles ? Not anymore!

3. A tie to hold your drink! To keep your hands free for all that Christmas party food.

4. A very cute panda lamp to light up your life!

5. Harry Potter’s golden snitch for those diehard Potterheads!

6. A Darth Vader waffle maker… May the Force be with you!

7. A sushi maker to impress your friends…

8. Fingers Spoon so you can steal your housemates Nutella without them ever knowing!

9. Is it too late to say sorry ?

10. A 3D Skull baking tray if you have a bit of a dark side….