8th December 2016

Every year, housing is the first concern for international and UK students, but also working professionals.

Most of the time landlords and letting agents ask for a security from tenants by paying 6 to 12 months rent in advance.

If they can’t, tenants are struggling through a time consuming, difficult and stressful process and at the end they are unable to rent a property because of a lack of a suitable Guarantor.

Housing Hand is the service that any tenant needs when there is no other qualified UK based guarantor.

In working with letting agents across the Uk, HH helps thousands of students and working professionals everyday.

Thanks to an easy fast and secure process, tenants only have to apply online at www.housinghand.co.uk by providing the necessary documents to make them elligible. If they are eligible, they get a response in minutes and then they finally get a UK based rental guarantor.

By using this service, you’ll save time, money and reduce stress:

  • A safe and secure Guarantor option
  • The future landlord gets the security that the rent will be paid on time and in full
  • No deposit needed
  • No need to pay 6 to 12 months rent in advance
  • Avoid the risk of using individual guarantors who do not understand their legal liability