Housing Hand University Guarantor Service

Housing Hand works closely with the majority of Universities and higher education institutions with the fundamental aim of helping students to secure the accommodation of their choice without the stress or financial struggle of paying all their rent in advance.

We achieve this by supporting various departments within the University from Accommodation, Student Welfare/Advice to the International offices and Student Union services. Housing Hand works in partnership with these departments to help inform UK and international students of their options and that there is a solution available to tackle their guarantor issues.

Each partnership is tailored to suit the University and their various departments to ensure that the students receive the best service whilst lightening the admin, resources and time burden placed upon Universities. Our partnerships are always free for the institution involved and vary purely on the level of support required.

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Read on to see examples of the types of university guarantor service we offer, the many benefits of setting up a University Guarantor Service or follow the link to how the application process works for students.


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Letting Agents

Instead of turning away potential tenants who don’t want to pay considerable amounts of rent up front, we can now become their guarantor.

Letting Agents


In addition, rent loss is eliminated, and the rental process is streamlined for you, prospective tenants, and letting agents, all at no cost to you.