Renew your guarantor service

Renewing your Housing Hand UK rent guarantor service is quick and easy to do. Plus student tenants looking to rent uk property again may benefit from added discounts! 

Student renting renewing discounts

A year after our happy student renters came to us needing help finding a guarantor for their rented property, they will be pleased to find yet another advantage of using Housing Hand. Each year that a student uses us as rent guarantor, they may be entitled to a further discount on our fee depending on their university and location.

Our students who use us to get a guarantor for renting always receive a discount of 60-95% of their fee but even better than that, tenants that renew with Housing Hand may also benefit from a further 10% off their fee! This is again dependant on the university and location of the rented property.

How to apply for a guarantor service renewal

For students looking to renew their guarantor service, simply log in to your account and update your accommodation details and tenancy details and any other changes such as accommodation provider. Or you can send us an email to with the details of your new accommodation and any other changes from your previous year. 

Working professional renewing benefits

If you are one of our many happy working professional tenants looking to renew your guarantor service with us, don’t worry, you may also benefit from renewing. This reward for your loyalty is usually dependent on your previous guarantor arrangement with us so we encourage you to call in on 0207 205 2625 for more information.