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We guarantee rent for more people in the UK than anyone else, and work with more letting agents and landlords than any other company. You can find a small selection of properties here and get in touch with agents and landlords directly, or search by location to find an approved partner

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Whether you are a student or working professional, looking for a rental flat or house. Our House Finder Service means you don’t have to worry about paying rent upfront because we’ll be your guarantor.

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Saw Mill, Huddersfield

1 Bed

Located opposite the River Colne, Saw Mill is the perfect place to be if you’re a student.

Location: Huddersfield

PCM: £433

Firth Point, Huddersfield

1 Bed

You won’t be late getting to lectures with Firth Point.

Location: Huddersfield

PCM: £390

Snow Island, Huddersfield

1 Bed

Getting to university from Snow Island is no hassle at all. 

Location: Huddersfield

PCM: £412

Silk Mill, Edinburgh

1 Bed

Brand new student accommodation situated west of Edinburgh city centre.

Location: Edinburgh

PCM: £930

Bridle Work, Glasgow

1 Bed

Brand new student accommodation situated in the heart of Glasgow.

Location: Glasgow

PCM: £810

Hillside House, Sheffield

1 Bed

Brand new student accommodation situated in the heart of Sheffield.

Location: Sheffield

PCM: £693

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