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Whether you Need a UK Rent Guarantor or not, our Free House Finder Service helps tenants find great rental properties by connecting them with accommodation providers in their area.

Applying is quick, easy and free. Sign up below.

House Finder Service


Apply to the Free House Finder Service

Complete our House Finder Service form, entering your property requirements such as rental location, monthly price, and whether you are a student or working professional. It only takes a few minutes.


We find suitable rental properties/rooms so that you can choose the one you want to rent or view.

Final Checks

We deal with the paperwork/agent, check tenancy agreements and ensure that you’re safe to rent the property.


We can become your UK guarantor so you can pay your rent monthly.

Settling In

We help you move in to your perfect rental property and continue to give you support.

Find Accommodation

Whether you are moving to a new country, new city or even just down the road, finding and securing rental accommodation can be a challenge. With the Free House Finder Service from Housing Hand, we can help you secure the perfect rented property. Sign up to connect with the Letting Agents and Landlords in your chosen area.

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