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Finding out if you’re eligible for our UK guarantor service is fast and easy. If eligible you will receive a Guarantor Certificate which you can use today to help you find and secure a property. Got a question? Try our new Chat Bot or check out our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).


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One of the biggest problems tenants face when renting a property is not having a UK guarantor. This is a huge worry if you are not able to pay 6-12 months in advance to secure your property. Even if you do pay in advance, you may still need a UK guarantor. Whether you’re a student or working professional from the UK or abroad, Housing Hand can be your UK guarantor so that you can pay your rent monthly.

Starting at just £295, our application process is simple.

International tenants have to provide a UK guarantor for their rent. International tenants who are unable to provide a UK guarantor are required by the letting agent / landlord to pay 6 to 12 months of the rent up front, in order to secure the property.

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Why do i need one?

If you can’t provide a qualifying UK guarantor you may be asked to pay up to twelve months rent upfront. This can leave less bargaining power if something goes wrong in your accommodation.

Housing Hand can be your guarantor leaving you to sit back, relax, and pay your rent monthly.

What is a co-signer?

A co-signer is a second point of contact for Housing Hand. They cannot be a student or be moving into the same property as the applicant signing the Housing Hand guarantor agreement. They are jointly liable for repaying Housing Hand should you default on your rent. In the instance you failed to pay your rent, we would attempt to contact you and arrange a suitable repayment plan. If we are unable to do so, or should the agreement be broken, your co-signer would then be contacted to pay what you owe. We do not conduct a credit check or require your co-signer to be a UK home owner or resident. Please note, on joint and several contracts, you and your cosigner are required to repay Housing Hand for housemates nonpayments that have have been made on your behalf.

How much does it cost?

Housing Hand charges a one off fee paid at the start of your tenancy. Prices start from just £295 for up to 12 months cover. The exact fee depends on several factors including your rent amount; you can get a free, no obligation quote by making an application!

If you are a student the fee will be between 60-95 % of your share of the monthly rent, subject to a minimum of £295.

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