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University of Bristol Guarantor Service

Provided by Housing Hand

Housing Hand is proud to partner with the University of Bristol for the “University of Bristol Guarantor Service in association with Housing Hand” to help UK, EU and International students, supply a qualifying UK Guarantor when renting in the private sector.

What is it?

We are the UK rent guarantor service

UK, EU and International students alike have found providing a qualifying UK guarantor a hurdle when renting in the private sector. Housing Hand has partnered with the University of Bristol Guarantor Service to alleviate this issue for students.

Housing Hand stands as the guarantor for the students, who are unable to provide one.

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What does it cover

Its simple and what you need

Housing Hand covers the full amount of rent as well as any damages, dilapidations and professional eviction costs, if any, incurred during the tenancy.

We can stand as a guarantor for a minimum of 6 months to a maximum of 12 months. The student must renew for the Housing Hand service once their guarantee has expired after the 12 month tenancy.


What does it cost

University of Bristol Guarantor Service Cover

For students from the University of Bristol the fee is 8 monthly instalments of £30.00 or an upfront cost of £225.00.

How to apply

It’s nice and easy and Housing Hand will help

Our service is quick, easy and simple to use. As a University of Bristol student, they apply at The student must complete the Housing Hand application form and the accommodation provider must accept. Then Housing Hand confirms their acceptance onto the service.

Common Questions

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Who is eligible?

Whether you are from the UK or from abroad, whether you are studying or working full time in the UK (including self-employed). You can apply for the Housing Hand Guarantor Service (with certified proof of income).

How long does the process take?

Housing Hand can process your application within one day as all parts of the process are completed online. Housing Hand has the policy to provide an immediate response to each enquiry.

Can Housing Hand stand as rent guarantor for a group?

A guarantor is required per person. If more than one tenant requires a guarantor, each tenant must apply to Housing Hand separately.

How do you pay for the service?

We use the Stripe as our payments processor so that you can pay with a credit or debit card online through our website. Alternatively, payment can be made by telephone.

Why can my co-signer not be my Guarantor?

Your co-signer might not complete the guarantor criteria. They may not be based in the UK, be a homeowner or may not have sufficient income. Furthermore, they may not have sufficient credit history to be eligible to your landlord or letting agent.

Do I need to be in the UK to complete the application?

If you are an international student this might be a worry for you. However, it shouldn’t be. The whole process can be completed online. It can be done from anywhere in the world whether you are international or not.

What people say about us

We’re incredibly proud of the service we offer and think it makes us the best rent guarantor service in the UK. But don’t just take our word for it, this is what some of our university partners have to say.

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